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SOLACO windscreen is developed and launched by Xinyi Glass using nanoparticle technology to incorporate solar control, noise reduction and UV control functionality. 

     SOLACO windscreen can effectively screen off over 85% of the near infrared radiation from the sun. Our experiment showed that under strong solar radiation in summer, the driver and passengers of vehicles fitted with SOLACO windscreens will feel little of the heat from the sun. This in turn enhances driving comfort and car comfortability. Compared to the ordinary windscreens, SOLACO windscreen can greatly reduce the heat accumulation in the car, thus minimizing the air conditioning load which in turn will increase fuel mileage and energy efficiency.

     The measured RW value of SOLACO windscreen can achieve 34 to 35 dB. SOLACO windscreen provides better sound insulation and noise control performance compared to ordinary windscreens, which in turn creates a better driving experience for drivers and passengers.

     SOLACO windscreen can stop UV penetration by over 99%, reducing the risk of human skin exposure and retarding the fading and aging of the interiors. Compared with traditional tinted films mounted on windscreens, SOLACO windscreen does not deteriorate with time for such blemishes like scratches, bubbles and discoloration.