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The Xinyi family fully supports "TWGHs Flag Day 2022"

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The Xinyi family fully supports "TWGHs Flag Day 2022"

Actively Shoulders Corporate Social Responsibility

Hopes to Bring Warmth to the Underprivileged

(5 September 2022, Hong Kong) - Xinyi Group companies, namely Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited (stock code: 00868), Xinyi Solar Holdings Limited (stock code: 00968), Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited (stock code: 03868) and Xinyi Electric Storage Holdings Limited (stock code: 08328), participated again in the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals' annual flag day fundraising event "TWGHs Flag Day 2022", with the wish of giving warmth and hope to the underprivileged.

Xinyi companies' flag-selling team takes part in the “TWGHs Flag Day 2022”

"TWGHs Flag Day 2022" was held on 31 August smoothly. The employees from Xinyi Group’s Hong Kong office teamed up for the event and the public responded with enthusiasm, showing great kindness. The funds raised will all be used to improve the quality of TWGHs’ various social welfare and education services, including services for the elderly, children and youth, and education purposes, in the hope of overcoming adversities together with the people.

Dr. LEE Yin Yee, B.B.S., Chairman of Xinyi Glass and Xinyi Solar, said, "Amid the pandemic, we should care even more about the plights and needs of the underprivileged. Via this event, Xinyi Group hopes to spur public awareness of those in need and also to pass on love and care within the Xinyi family. While developing its business, Xinyi Group has since day one upheld the core values of ‘Trust, Integrity, Passion, People’ and persistently fulfilled its corporate social responsibility using various means, actively giving back to society. Our hope is for all of us to join hands and overcome difficulties and that a better tomorrow will come!"