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Xinyi Glass Joins HKFHY to Send Christmas Warmth Partakes in "Christmas Bear" Charity Bazaar Calls on all to care about the disadvantaged

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(Hong Kong, 10 December 2021) – With Christmas just around the corner, Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited (“Xinyi Glass” or the “Group”) (Stock Code: 00868) is taking part in the “Christmas Bear” charity bazaar presented by the iconic “Champion Bear" (「第一熊」) of the Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth ("HKFHY"), to send festive wishes to partners and all in the community, as well as spread the message of caring about the disadvantaged by giving out "Christmas Bears”.

"Champion Bear" is a self-financed doll and gift service offered by HKFHY’s Employment Service Centre. It aims to provide the opportunities to the disabled individuals for re-enter the job market and realise their strengths to the full. With “Amplifying and Conveying Love and Blessings” (「雙愛」「互傳」) as its purpose, this year’s “Christmas Bear Charity Bazaar”, through selling and donating Christmas Bears to social welfare organisations, sends care and support to children in grassroots families and those in need in the community.

Dr. LEE Yin Yee, B.B.S., Chairman of Xinyi Glass, said, "The Group has spared no effort in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and caring for the disadvantaged. Over the years, HKFHY has been committed in helping the physically handicapped to integrate into and give back to society, which is a philosophy the Group shares. With Christmas approaching, Xinyi Glass has purchased Christmas Bears from HKFHY to support disabled individuals in applying their strengths, as well as encourage the public to care about and give back to society. Apart from creating job opportunities for those in need, the ‘Christmas Bear’ charity sale can also bring warmth and festive blessings to different groups of people in the community. With so many merits, it agrees perfectly with the Group’s belief in ‘doing good deeds brings the greatest joy’."

Founded in 1970, HKFHY is a government registered charitable organisation ran and managed by people with disabilities. A self-help organisation with the longest history in Hong Kong, HKFHY serves mainly the physically handicapped, helping them fully integrate into, take part in and contribute to society, through advocating for equal opportunities, developing rehabilitation services and operating social enterprises.

Photo 1:

Representing Xinyi Glass, its CFO and Company Secretary Mr. Lau Sik Yuen, Jason (second from left), Investor Relations & Corporate Communications Director Ms. Panya Tung (second from right) and HKFHY’s Employment Service Officers in a photo marking the joint effort.

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Xinyi Glass hopes to send the most sincere festive wishes to partners and all in the community with the gift of “Christmas Bear”, and also spread the important message of caring about the disadvantaged and promote the spirit of "doing good deeds brings the greatest joy".