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Float Glass

Float glass is made by melting of su-
ch materials as high-quality quartz s-
andstone powder, sodium carbonate
and dolomite under high temperature
in the melting furnace to produce gla-
ss liquid which then forms a glass st-
rip with even thickness on the metal
liquid surface, said glass strip being
hardened by cooling, annealed and
cut to become clear sheet glass which
is extensively applied in production
and further processing of such top-
grade glass as tempered glass, lam-
inated glass, heat-bending glass,
insulated glass and coated glass.

Auto Glass

Auto glass is essential part of acces-
sories for automotive body, mainly for
the purpose of protection. Xinyi Glass
mainly produces SOLAR-X heat-refle-
ctive auto glass, automobile front wi-
ndshield laminated glass, automobile
tempered glass, auto laminated glass
implanted with heating element, bullet
resistant glass and auto laminated
wire glass.

Architectural Glass

Xinyi Glass has built Architectural gla-
ss processing factories in Dongguan,
Tianjin, Wuhu and Yingkou (under co-
nstruction) to provide products with b-
est quality and reasonable price, and
best and most timely service as well.
Products including low-emissivity co-
ated glass (LOW-E glass), heat-refl-
ective coated glass, insulated glass,
tempered glass, laminated glass and
silk-screened glasss are available for

Electronic Glass

The Company has built a super-thin

electronic glass production line in
Wuhu, to provide customers with the
best electronic glass products and
meet customers' diverse
requirements for products.

Rubber & Plastic Product
Decorative and sealing PVC moldings
are formed by using one or more typ-
es of PVC materials and other acces-
sories by extrusion process in the ex-
truder, subsequent processing and

Float Glass Division

Engineering Glass Division

Auto Glass Division 

Ultra-thin Electronic Glass

Rubber & Plastic Product
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