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Xinyi Glass Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of its Supply Relationship with P...
[2014-3-12 ]
Xinyi Glass Selected as a Constituent Stock of Hang Seng Mainland 100 Index
[2011-10-30 ]
Xinyi Glass ranks 10th in terms of Shareholder Returns in the World
[2011-10-11 ]
Xinyi Glass: Successful Conclusion of Aomi Q-Block Cooperation Project in Japan
[2011-9-30 ]
10MWp PV Power Generation Project of Xinyi Glass Rated as One of the Second B...
[2011-8-20 ]
Trial Production of 600T/D Ultra-clear Float Glass Production Line in Wuhu In...
[2011-8-8 ]
Celebration Ceremony of Natural Gas Put into Operation Held in Dongguan Busin...
[2011-6-27 ]
Successful Trial Production of the Third 500T/D Ultra-clear PV Glass Producti...
[2011-5-27 ]
The Operation of the Third 900T/D Float Glass Production Line of Jiangmen Ind...
[2011-5-18 ]
Construction of Ultrathin Electronic and PV Glass Project in Xinyi Glass Wuhu...
[2011-5-12 ]
Construction Celebration of Xinyi Glass Yingkou Complex
[2011-4-19 ]
Successful Operation of the 500T/D Ultra-clear PV Glass Production Line in Ti...
[2011-4-12 ]
Successful Operation of the 500T/D Ultra-clear Rolled Glass Production Line o...
[2011-3-23 ]
Successful Operation of the 900T/D High Quality Float Glass Production Line o...
[2011-3-17 ]
Xinyi Glass Realized an Annual Profit Growth of 103.1% in 2010
[2011-3-1 ]

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