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Working Hours: The working hours in Xinyi Glass are eight hours a day and five days a week.
Remuneration incentive: Xinyi Glass adopts an externally competitive and internally fair remuneration incentive mechanism. The short-term, medium-term and long-term incentives will realize individual value and corporate value, and achieve win-win between the Company and the employees.
Sound insurance system
Statutory holidays:
Xinyi Glass offers statutory holidays as stipulated by national laws and regulations;
Extra meals are offered in the Canteen during statutory holidays;
Spring Festival Lottery-drawing will be organized by the Trade Union during Spring Festival every year;
Paid leaves such as marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc. are entitled to all employees.
Accommodation Welfare: All employees are entitled to live in the dormitory for free.
Staff birthdays and spare time activities:
The Company offers birthday celebrations for the staff in various forms.
Variety shows, ball games, and team contests will be held every month in all industrial zones of Xinyi to give full play to the employees¨ talents in their spare time. Beneficial recreational and sports activities will not only help to cultivate their temperament and offer physically and mentally relaxation, but also increase communication and exchange between colleagues.
Other Subsidies:
Food subsidy: The Company offers all the employees with dining conditions and food subsidy.
High-temperature subsidy: The Company offers all the employees with high-temperature subsidy in July, August and September every year.
Note: The Group will offer other welfare programs in accordance with strategic needs.

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