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Effective Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction through Waste Heat Generation by Xinyi Glass

2016-06-27 10:42:22

To reduce energy consumption and production cost, Xinyi Group (Glass) Co., Ltd, Dongguan Business Division has established a Low-Temperature Waste Heat Power Plant equipped with 3,500 KW units and put into operation. The Waste Heat Power Plant offers more scientific and rational control on the sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, dust and high-temperature gas generated in the glass melting furnace, greatly reduces air pollution and environment pollution, and improves the high energy consumption and high pollution issue of the Glass Industry.

Drawing on the experience of establishing Waste Heat Power Plant of Dongguan Business Division, Xinyi Glass plans to establish Waste Heat Power Plants in the three production complexes in Tianjin, Wuhu and Jiangmen. The four production complexes of Xinyi Glass have started or are starting waste heat generation projects, which will play an active role in easing power shortage, enhancing resource utilization ratio, and improving ecological environment.
October 30, 2010.