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Xinyi glass Wins the Bidding for nanning Logan century Mansion, the tallest building in guangxi

2014-12-24 10:15:22

Recently, xinyi glass Project (dongguan) co., Ltd. subordinated to xinyi glass (hereinafter referred to as the Xinyi Architectural Glass) successfully signed the procurement contract for the glass curtain wall of the Logan century Mansion, the tallest building in guangxi. The project will adopt the energy-efficient product of Xinyi, high-performance laminated double silver insulated glass. Previously, Xinyi Architectural Glass successfully signed the construction contract for the financial plaza in nanning, guangxi and Section C of the comprehensive development project in Liede Western District of Zhujiang, Guangzhou as well as the two oversized projects,  Fortune Center at B2-10 of Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou and Sanya Beauty Crown Hotel, China's first seven-star hotel.


Nanning Logan century Mansion belongs to Logan group, one of the top 500 property companies in China. This project is located in the central section of the asean business district in nanning with a total floor area of more than 400,000 square meters and the highest building of 400 meters. It is planned to construct an 80-storey super-high hotel and office building and a 53-storey super-high apartment-style office building with a total planned land area about 22,669.62 square meters. The 4 underground floors are a conjoined underground parking lot; between the two buildings there are a three-storey skirt building and a four-storey skirt building which are linked together. The skirt building mainly functions for business and the tower building is used as an international five-star hotel and a high-end office building. It will also absorb the business circle of the 11 asean countries. After the completion, it will be the highest building in guangxi zhuang autonomous region, as an urban complex building integrating hotels, offices, catering, business, etc.


At present, energy efficiency for construction has become part of the sustainable development strategy in China. Because of the trend of high-end orientation and energy-conservation & environmental protection of modern architectural designs, the project also adopted xinyi’s architectural energy-efficient glass products which are in complete conformity with the architectural energy-saving requirements that was put forward in the green action plan issued by the state council. This project will be the standards for the high-rise buildings in south China and will also contribute to the development of the urban energy-saving architecture. Xinyi’s architectural energy-efficient glass  meets the needs of modern buildings for energy-conservation and environmental protection, and the comprehensive demand for humanized design, capable of creating the most suitable environment for the modern people to live, work and relax in.


The agreement signed for Logon Century Project  set a new record (400m) of the building height for architectural projects that Xinyi Architectural Glass has won the bidding for, which is of certain strategic guiding function for the future development of Xinyi Architectural Glass. At the same time, Xinyi Architectural Glass has once again made achievements in comprehensive strength and competitiveness.