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The Nationwide Largest Auto Flagship Store of Xinyi Glass Grandly Starts Business

2014-06-24 10:09:30

On June 24, 2014, the xinyi auto flagship store constructed by xinyi glass in deyang had its opening ceremony. The flagship store covers a total area of more than 1,800 square meters. Chief leaders of Deyang City Federation of Industry and Commerce, deyang branch of CPIC, Deyang Branch of China Life Insurance Company, etc. were present at the ceremony and witnessed inauguration of the nationwide largest auto flagship store in deyang together with the chief leaders of xinyi glass. so far, Xinyi glass has constructed over 150 auto image stores in the major cities across the country, which will further promote the influence of the xinyi and  has finished a complete marketing network of auto glass.

The Xinyi auto flagship store in Deyang provides consumers with safe and standardized service about auto glass and its claim settlement. at the same time, it also provides a professional platform for learning auto glass and its installation. "the installation of auto glass is related to life safety!" According to the professionals,  auto glass is not only installed as wind and rain shelter, for light transmission and heat preservation, but also serves as an important part of the automotive safety system which is related to the life safety of the drivers and the passengers. It, together with the seat belt and the airbags, is called the three protection elements of automotive safety. Given the importance of the auto installation system for safety, we’ve set up the auto image store to standardize the industry, purify the market and protect the personal safety of consumers.


As one of the important parts of the automotive safety system, the auto glass plays an increasingly important role in the whole trade of auto spare parts and maintenance. According to the statistics, in 2013, the number of cars of China reached 137 million, and experts predicted that it will be increasing at a rate of 12% to 15%. According to the internationally universal 8% breakage of automotive windscreens, about 10.9 million automotive windscreens need to be replaced in the maintenance market after the sales. As one of the extension services of auto consumptions, the auto glass repair is related to the security and interests of the consumers, so people are looking forward to good price, quality and service of the auto glass repair. Xinyi auto image store provides customers with professional & high-quality products and security services. At the same time, it also builds a brand-new image of xinyi autoAt present, xinyi glass has achieved strategic cooperation with a number of nationwide well-known insurance companies. In the claim settlement for auto glass of the insured vehicles, both sides have all-round cooperation in the automobile glass quotation, replacement, maintenance, brand promotion and other aspects to protect the interests of the insured. As for the loss assessment and claims settlement of the breakage of windscreens, if clients who have insured for their vehicles at the insurance companies in cooperation with Xinyi Glass are involved in auto glass breakage accidents, they can enjoy the service about installation and claims etc. at all the nationwide stores authorized by xinyi glass. Besides safe and convenient claim services together with  high quality auto glass for clients, it greatly shortens the time for claims settlement, which will significantly improve the customers’ satisfaction.