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Xinyi Glass formally signed the contract of the Shenzhen Bay 1 construction projects

2016-01-26 09:47:29

Xinyi Glass formally signed the contract of the Shenzhen Bay 1  construction project


Recently,Xinyi Glass Engineering (Dongguan) Co., Ltd won the bid and formally signed the contract of the Shenzhen Bay 1 square large public construction project base on our advance industry experience, strong technical strength, good reputation and reasonable price. The building of this project is 350 meters high and covers with 70000 square meters curtain wall. All of the curtain wall glasses are low emission, laminated and insulated safety glass with 3 layers of ultra clear glass. The building is a high-end comprehensive building combine with office, commercial, hotel and service apartment. And it will become the landmark of Shenzhen Nanshan area.

In the past six months, owner took serious concern on the selection of suppliers according the strength, company size, performance of related products, the processing cycle, guarantee of goods, reasonable technical solutions and other criteria among several competitive manufacturers. Finally, Xinyi glass stood out after six months of study test and formally signed the contract recently.


As the project is facing many unfavorable factors such as strong professional skill requirement, high quality requirements, tightly supply schedule, processing difficulty, etc., Xinyi set up a special team for project preparation involving our general manager, assistance of general manager, minister and chief engineer.  In order to create a multi-functional high-grade glass with a sense of ultra-light effect, better reflection, noise insulation, permeability, we recommended using ultra clear low-E laminated insulated glass as the curtain wall after several coordination between owner, Janho team, KPF designer and us.

Xinyi glass as a superior company in South China, is committed to provide customers with project solutions, strive to create a benchmark, and continuously provide professional, efficient and personalized quality products as well as professional services. Because faith and stand by to witness the quality, Xinyi will continue to produce high quality product and standardize our management in order to improve our customer satisfaction.