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Super-thin Electronic Glass 

The Company is one of the few manufacturers in China that masters super-thin electronic glass production technology. It has broken foreign countries' monopoly of such technology. The Company has built a super-thin electronic glass production line in Wuhu. The high-quality electronic substrate glass manufactured by it is mainly applied in such fields as SmartPhone, laptop, tablet PC display, all-in-one PC, touch screen, and billboard. Its products have reached the national standard " Thin float glass for LCD applications: GB/T 20314-2006".


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Product Advantage
1. Quick delivery
2. Light transmittance up to 91.13%
3. Reduction of purchasing cost and maximization of profit
4. High production efficiency of chemical tempering and improvement of productivity
5. Easy processing, few edge cracks, improvement of rate of finished products, and satisfaction of customers' diverse requirements for products.   


Light Transmittance

Quality Control

1. All the key materials are imported, and the best products in China are used as general material. In addition, advanced batching systems are adopted to prevent detrimental impurities from getting into the glass raw materials at the source.
2. Advanced raw material fusion, glass homogenization and clarification technology helps to reduce glass defects and improve glass flatness.
3. Advanced glass annealing processes cause glass not to generate permanent stress and temporary stress that exceeds permissible range any longer as well as reduce edge breakage and failure during glass cutting.
4. China's first easily visible online detector which controls glass defects.
5. Finished glass is casually inspected once an hour and fully inspected during special time.

Super-thin electronic glass products are most widely used and develop the quickest in the industries of flat panel display and Cover Lens. They are in great demand in the global market.

Maximum specification: 1500*1830mm
Minimum specification: 1300*720mm

Storage & Packaging
Modern storage warehouse
Reliable wooden box packaging to ensure the safety of glass during its transport

Quality System
The Company will manufacture electronic substrate glass products strictly according to CE and RoHS requirements and its internal quality standards as well as the current national standard "Thin float glass for LCD applications: GB/T 20314-2006".
The Company can always be in a dominant position in market competition and develop sustainably. It relies on not only advanced technical equipment and talents, but also scientific management methods. Establishment of a perfect quality management system that accords with the characteristics of XEG is the only way in order to achieve the goal. The Company has passed ISO9001: 2008 system.



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