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Rubber & Plastic Product  

Decorative PVC Plastic Moldings
This product can combine glass with
the automobile body perfectly without
gap and make the automobile hand-
some and elegant. It can produce s-
ound water-proof , dustproof and no-
ise reducing effect. This product is
applied extensively in auto front wi-
ndshield glass and rear windshield
PVC Encapsulation
This product has good sealing pro-
perty for resistance to water, dust and
noise. It is formed by natural flow and
solidification. The rubber strip will fit
with glass perfectly, securely and un-
easy for falling off, making the auto-
mobile handsome and elegant. This
product is applied extensively in auto
rear windshield glass and side

PU Encapsulation
This product is resistant to UV rays,
low temperature and high tempera-
ture. Its comprehensive property is
better than PVC encapsulation. This
type of rubber strip is flexible with no
damage to the glass and the auto-
mobile body. Encapsulation perfo-
rmance of this product is higher co-
mpared to other encapsulation mat-
erials. Its black and bright color make
the automobile seem handsome and
elegant. This product is applied ext-
ensively in auto rear windshield and
side windows.
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