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Architectural Glass  

Low-E Coated Glass
This product shows good Light to
Solar Gain (LSG) ratio and excellent
thermal insulation. Xinyi Glass can
provide many different types of Low-E
glass such as highly transmission
LOW-E glass, solar control LOW-E
glass, single silver LOW-E glass and
double silver LOW-E glass according
to local energy code and
requirements of different customers.
Heat-reflective Coated Glass
This product has good sun-shading
performance, rich reflected colors,
extremely good aesthetic effect,
increase privacy, desirable visual
light transmittance and reflectance,
reduce UV light transimssion. Heat-
reflective coated glass can be curve
tempered without affecting its
performance by using our unique

Insulating Glass
This product has excellent optical and
thermal properties. It is good in
sound insulation, air permeability and
anti-frosting. It conforms to various
requirements in energy conservation,
environment protection, comfort and
aesthetic. It is widely applied in
curtain wall, indoor decoration and
Tempered Glass
This product is of good safety,
strength, flexural rigidity and thermal
resistance. Tempered glass is safety
glass extensively used in areas
where high mechanical strength and
safety are required. For example
glass door, curtain wall, facade
window, indoor partition, furniture,as
well as partition closed to heat
source or subject to serve thermal

Laminated Glass
This product is of good security,
resistant to typhoon and earthquake,
resistant to bullet and explosion,
noise reduction, sunlight control and
resistant to UV rays. Laminated glass
is a durable and high performance
material. It is available in various
types and sizes. The use of
laminated glass can solve many
difficult problems in architectural
Silk-screened Glass
This product can be of many colors
and patterns (custom made). The
color is long lasting without fading
and gives outstanding decoration
effects. It has good shading because
it absorbs and reflects part of the
solar heat energy. It becomes safe as
the strength is increased after
tempering. It can be further integrated
into other processing such as
coating, laminated glass and
insulating glass. It is used extensively
in decoration.

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