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SOLAR-X Heat-reflective Auto Glass
This product is infrared reflective co-
ated sandwich glass developed and
produced by Xinyi glass by adopting
the most advanced equipment and
technology. This product is charac-
terized in outstanding thermal insu-
lation, excellent transmittance, good
sunlight control, elegant appearance
color, perfect firmness and durability.
Laminated Windshield
This product is characterized in tran-
sparency, high mechanical strength,
light resistance, heat resistance and
cold resistance. Presently, there are
more than 30,000 types of this prod-
uct covering nearly those for all types
of automobiles. The largest size is
2700〜2300mm for bus front winds-
hield bending sandwich glass.

Automobile Tempered Glass
This product is characterized in saf-
ety, high mechanical strength and
thermal stability. Different thickness
of tempered glass including 3.2mm,
3.5mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm are
available for side doors, side windo-
ws and rear windows of automobiles.
Auto Tempered Glass Implanted with Heating Element
This product is applied extensively in
rear windshield and side windows of
automobiles. After energizing, the he-
ating element can raise surface tem-
perature of the glass rapidly to 40≧
~75≧. This can eradicate frost and
frog on glass surface in winter. In
addition, this glass can receive GPS,
TV, HCD, FM and AM signals through

Bullet Resistant Glass
This product can successfully resist
bullet and shrapnel and thus protect
life of the driver and the passengers
without affecting sight of the driver.
Auto bullet-resistant laminated glass
is mainly applied in front windshield
and side windows of armor cash
carrier and bullet-resistant car.
Laminated Glass With Heating Elements
This product has heating, defrosting,
antifogging and antenna functions.
After energizing, the glass surface
temperature can reach 40≧ to ens-
ure good sight line of the driver. This
product is applied extensively in auto
front windshield, auto rear windows
as well as front windshield of high-
speed train and ship.
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